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She gets her points across with grand Italianesque gestures.

With her close-cropped strawberry blonde hair and no-nonsense black clothes, she appears ready to spring into action.

The immediate surroundings were more colorful and fluid. Tony La Rosa was on the defending championship team.

Mexican blankets reflected bold patterns in the sun. The only humor was in the team names: Croq Au Vin, Mike's Bar, The Celts, Ball Busters. Roberto, of vinyl-decorated Doo Dah truck fame, had a homemade custom mallet. The Grand Trophy had a little orange birdhouse supported by colored balls, supported by four shiny mallets, all based on a square of astroturf.

It's more than food, actually; after eating the creations of the day, you're energized.

We, motley car and bike artists, were fooling around there, Greg Phelps spray-painting vegetables upon the pavement.I spent some time with her at the German Village Art Crawl while she expertly orchestrated faux palm trees and twinkling lights.Urban Relief was one of the three sponsors of the arts festival/fundraiser benefiting the German Village Society.A seat that will become prized in the future, I'm sure.The Tunnel (in the space next to the restaurant, formerly Byzantium) featured a subway motif; graffiti, but in place of seats a long section of grow-lights and the just-planted seeds.

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